Here to help.

Deep breath. Help can be found here.

If we all pull together, we can get through this COVID-19 situation as a community. The goal of this site is to connect able-bodied people with those who need help in order to make sure the hospital and the police are not overburdened. We can pick up groceries or meals. We can deliver firewood. We can walk your dog. We can check on someone you care about. We will not put our volunteers in harm’s way by exposing them to someone who may be sick, but there are many things we can do. Note: Nantucket Neighbor is strictly a volunteer operation and is not part of the town of Nantucket or the State.

Please note: we do not provide assistance with rent, food bills or utilities. There are links to additional resources on the town’s web page, here.

Click the button above or this link. Someone will get in touch. If you have a dire emergency or the need is something we cannot handle as a group, we will let you know. And if you like, we will notify the proper agency within the town.

Click the button above or this link. We will sign you up for a closed #slack group which will serve as a message board for volunteers. A request will come in. A #slack notice will go out to everyone for volunteers. And one or two people will be assigned the task by the “manager” who is monitoring #slack at the time.

Nantucket Neighbor currently has 169 volunteers.

Nantucket Neighbor has responded to 88 requests for help to date.

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This organization and site are founded and supported by Grant Sanders of the SAND agency.

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